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610.379.4POP (4767) - Chantilly Goods Ice Cream Shoppe 200 Bridge Street - Weissport, Pennsylvania 18235
Hours: M-F 12-9pm   Sat & Sun 12-9pm   Holiday Hours


Frequently Asked Questions:
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  • What are your hours of operation?
    We have seasonal hours. Please see our Info & Directions page for current hours.

  • Are you only open seasonally?
    We are open year round.

  • Is any ice cream sugar free?
    No, we make all of our ice cream with pure cane sugar.

  • Is the tin ceiling original?
    No, it was put in by the owner to add to the 1920s feel. It is, however, an original print and is made completely of tin.

  • What is Chantilly?
    Chantilly is a fancy type of homemade whipped cream. Seeing as we’re an ice cream parlor, we thought the name fit rather well. 

  • What is Fox’s U-Bet?
    Fox’s U-Bet is chocolate syrup. It was one of the first to be produced and served in soda fountains and ice cream parlors.

  • Do you make sundaes to go?
    Everything we can offer you to have in shop can also be taken to go. Milkshakes, sundaes, floats...the sky is the limit.

  • Do you have wifi?
    Yes, we do! Ask a Fizz-ician for our password.

  • Is any of your ice cream gluten free?
    Every flavor of ice cream without cake or cookie products is gluten free. Examples of ice creams containing gluten are cookies and cream, charlie brownie, chocolate chip cookie dough and strawberry shortcake.

  • Does sherbet contain lactose?
    Yes, it does. Milk allergies, beware!

  • Do you accept credit/debit cards?
    We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards.

  • What toppings do you have?
    We have peanuts, malt powder, m&ms, rainbow and chocolate sprinkles, blueberry topping, pineapple topping, wet walnuts, marshmallow, Fox’s U-Bet chocolate syrup, strawberry topping, caramel sauce, hot fudge, peanut butter sauce, Chantilly (whipped cream) and cherries. You can also feel free to purchase other candy, like gummy dinosaurs or Snickers, to top your ice cream from our nickel candy case.


Ice Cream & Vintage Soda Fountain Shop Chantilly Goods - 610 379 4767 200 Bridge St Weissport PA 18235

Ice Cream & Vintage Soda Fountain Shop
610.379.4767 - Chantilly Goods Inc. - 200 Bridge Street - Weissport, Pennsylvania 18235

*Please be advised that any of our products may contain allergens, including peanuts

610.379.4767 - Chantilly Goods Inc. - 200 Bridge Street - Weissport, Pennsylvania 18235

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