Chantilly Goods Vintage Soda Fountain was founded in June 2015. It is located in a historic building originally built in the 1800s. The structure was originally a shoe and hat store, and a post office which was the settlement's staple corner store; bought in 1930 by Jebez and Miriam Reed whom opened a grocery market and later turned the business over to their son, Richard Reed, who maintained the business until 2010, when Reed's closed their doors. 

Joseph Priestly invented carbonated water in 1767 after meeting Ben Franklin and discussing many scientific methods. Seltzer water was supposedly used for health benefits in the 1800s and later became used with syrups of sorts to help make the taste of medicines more palatable. 

The vintage soda fountain is a great addition to Weissport which is where Ben Franklin built Fort Allen in 1756 to establish a settlement here later named after Colonel Jacob Weiss when he purchased 700 acres of land in 1784.

Ice Cream Shop Vintage Soda Fountain Jim Thorpe Lehigh Valley Poconos Weissport Pennsylvania


Vintage Soda Fountain Shoppe Jim Thorpe Poconos Weissport Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania

The “Making Of” Chantilly Goods:

The owners of Chantilly Goods purchased the building in 2012. They had no intention of opening an ice cream shop until a local ice cream parlor/mini-golf course closed and thought a good idea would be to bring quality ice cream to the historical town of Weissport. 

The old fashioned soda fountain idea came to fruition by Angela after finding drug bottles from the turn of the century in the floor joists while cleaning up the building, and the drug bottles are currently on display. Angela, a pharmacist, explained to Jay about how all the pharmacies back in the day had soda fountains in their establishment. Jay went crazy with his imagination and was excited that they could bring back history and have a sit-in location instead of serving ice cream out of a window.


Jay and Angela worked very hard at restoring the historic building and wanted to preserve as much of the structural components as possible. 

The building had been the town corner store for over a century and it was the location of the town lodge for various meeting groups, such as the Patriotic Order Sons of America, the Poho - Poco Chapter, and some other groups.

The third floor still housed many antiques and artifacts from 1874 to present that are now on display in Chantilly Goods.

Real Soda Fountain Ice Cream Shop Weissport PA. Near Jim Thorpe, Poconos, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Blackboard Tables Vintage Soda Fountain Ice Cream Shop Jim Thorpe Poconos Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania The original blackboard tabletops and parts of the staircase are from Bunker Hill High School located just up the street which was the towns school in the early 1900s.

All of the trim and doors used in the establishment were recycled from the third floor which helped to create the 1920s soda fountain atmosphere.

Vintage Soda Fountain Ice Cream Shoppe Weissport, Pennsylvania, Chantilly Goods Ice Cream Shop

Real Vintage Soda Fountain From The 1940s Serving Up Sodas, Floats, Egg Creams, And More Jim Thorpe Poconos Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania

The soda fountain dispenser was purchased from an original 1940s soda fountain in Pottsville, PA. The wooden floors are original to the building and the tin ceiling was added to create the 1920s feel.


We would like to give a big THANK YOU to our parents, family members, and friends!

To our parents: We are truly grateful and blessed to have such wonderful parents. We can't thank you enough for all your love, support and aid in the entire making of Chantilly Goods! We appreciate everything you've done and your continued support. We love you so much!

To our family members and friends (you all know who you are) We sincerely thank you for your time and assistance during the restoration phase of 200 Bridge St. Whether you were a sounding board for our ideas, gave a physical hand, or provided historical artifacts and stories to share; we are incredibly appreciative for your kind assistance. We are very lucky to have you in our lives. Thanks again!


History Of Weissport, PA Chantilly Goods Ice Cream Shop Near Jim Thorpe Poconos Lehigh Valley  

History Of Weissport, PA

Curious to know more about the history packed town of Weissport?

Chantilly Goods has historic photos & items on display as well as these awesome full maps of the town available for purchase.
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